1. What is 1:1 or 1:N ?

It is the way device match your fingerprint with your identity. 1:1 is when your ID card or password is verified, the device automatically pulls out your fingerprint data waiting to be matched; meanwhile, you press the appropriate finger on the scanner in order for device to complete the match process. 1:N is each time you press your finger, the device try to pair your login fingerprint with everyone's in the data until it finds a matching fingerprint.

2. Why can't device recognize my finger (Why can't I log in using the appropriate finger) ?

The problem with device unable to recognize one's finger has a variety of causes. One of the main causes is usually the angle of the finger placed. Secondly, hurt, rough, or wet finger could make the device harder to match with data. Therefore, we usually recommend users to register at least 2 fingers in case of the said situation. Other causes such as threshold settings could be difficult for users to solve the problem, so if you still experience the same problem, please contact our technical support center (+632)890 0484; 818 5903 05 or e-mail to dlink_it@yahoo.com.

3. If I accidently logged in/out twice, how do I cancel one transaction ?

Only managers (Admin users) have the privilege to add, edit, or delete any log records. The action of deleting one single log record has to be done via TMS. However, once TMS is set up with specified shifts, the system will automatically ignore the second login when the time frame between two logs appeared to be too short.

4. Do I have to manually adjust the time on Daylight saving days ?

Our traditional time clocks have daylight saving function enabled. Although biometric/proximity time clocks do not have the function on device, one can still click on "time sync" in TMS while connecting device to PC.

5. Can I change the time on the machine ?

The system only allows admin user to change time setting. Once you log in as an admin user you may find the time setting under menu #4.

6. Will system be interrupted during the power failure ?

Some of our products has a backup battery (optional). Backup battery allows users to continue login process for 2 to 3 hours. However, even when there backup battery is out of power, the records on the system will not be lost. All log records are saved securely in device and/or TMS.

7. Does backup battery need to be replaced ?

Back up batteries are rechargeable, they will automatically charge when you plug in the adapter.

8. What if my finger is hurt and wrapped with bandage ?

We strongly recommend every user to register 2 or more fingers for backup purpose. Therefore, in case of such event, backup finger is needed to complete login.

9. Do I have to connect my biometric terminal with computer in order to download records and data ?

Some of our products offer USB drive download feature as an option. With USB flash drive downloads, admin users can download log records by simply plugging an USB drive in to the appropriate port. After downloading data and records to your USB flash drive, simply upload it to TMS.

10. Do I have to connect my time clock with PC all the time ?

No. Our biometric time clocks are terminals which means they are can work without any PC connected. Device itself has large storage space for saving data and records.

11. How do I clean up the fingerprint sensor ?

Please use dry and soft cloth to wipe the sensor.

12. Can TMS automatically calculate the payroll ?

Yes, after setting up appropriate shifts with all the information in TMS.

13. Is it possible to install more than one device in the office ?

Our Biometric terminal with TCP/IP communication is able to connect through network; therefore you may connect multiple devices in your office and review each device's records by each IP address. Since employee data can be transferred through USB drive, every user only needs to register once on single machine.

14. What if I lost my card ?

You may replace a new card by deleting the user ID in device and register a new user with same enroll ID number and new card. Before you start, please download all records to TMS, so log history will not be erased.

15. Will log history be deleted in device after updating to TMS ?

The history will not be deleted unless an admin user deletes manually from the device.

16. The power is not on when I plug in the adapter ?

Please check the power outlet and power adapter are working properly, if the device is still not able to turn on, please contact our technical support center (+632)890 0484; 818 5903 05.

17. How long is the warranty ?

We provide 1 year limited warranty from the day of purchase.

18. Can I shut down the system during non-business hour ?

Managers (admin users) can enable auto off function in device. Under this function, system will automatically shuts down if idle for the minutes you set in device.

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