Annual Support Agreement  

David-Link will always be committed to provide the best support and service to our customers. With Annual Support Program or (ASP) you are guaranteed and worry-free about your software’s troubleshooting. Our support agents will focus to answer all your concerns about your software. Normally, we do first call first serve basis, means we do priority the first customer call concerns before we take another customer’s concern, but in ASP we will priority the customer’s call concern that availed this program at your support convenience. You don’t need to queue for our available schedule because we will do our support and service at your available time.


Free Updates

Every software needs to be updated with new version and fixing all the bugs from the current version software. This updates normally are available for purchase which you can have it for free under ASP.

Free Support

You can have unlimited phone support, remote assist with 4 site visits in 12 months. No service charges because it is free under ASP.

Free Service Unit

If the machine broke-down, you don’t have to worry about how can you clock in and clock out. We will provide the service unit while you are waiting for your repaired unit to be fixed.

Extended Warranty

Your software normally is in 3 months warranty period but in ASP we will cover the entire 12 months warranty period upon the date of purchase.

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